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You make the decision to get some family photos. You get the family ready. Everyone is looking their best. The big day comes. You calm the nerves. You meet me and realise I am as laid back as they come and you actually enjoy yourself. You get your gallery back a few weeks later and you are immediately taken back to that day. The day you froze your family in time. The day your little ones will forever be the age they were that day all because you took the time to make a call to book in for family photos. You love your images and the way they make you feel about your family. The way the every day chaos is forgotten as you pour over your photos. You get your USB. You put it in a draw. You forget about them. You forget. You forget how those images made you feel. You forget the effort that went into organising your family for their session. You forget about the investment you made. You forget. You forget because you can’t see your images on a USB stuck in a draw. You can’t look at them and enjoy them because once that draw closes, there is a pretty good chance that those good intentions of printing them out just won’t happen.

My favourite product to give my clients is an album. Yes they are an investment. But a damned good one. I design your albums and work with you to get the layout just right. I deal with the complex design software. I order the album and deal with the album company. An album company who I view as superior to all others. I worry about the hiccups that might come with making an album. You don’t and therefore you save yourself countless hours and stress. You just get to sit back and enjoy your album once it arrives and fall in love with your family all over again. There is never the thought of “oh I must get onto that job and try and make an album”. Why would you? When I can do it for you. Your session is done so why not enjoy the images now, in front of you, on the coffee table. Out and proud for everyone to see. Not stuck in a draw on a USB that will most likely be forgotten about. Do yourself a favour, just get the album x

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