Olive & Henry | Fresh 48 Session Newcastle

Meet beautiful Olive and Henry. Born moments apart and tied together as twins for the rest of their lives.

How amazing are twins? Twins are just as amazing as Hospital Fresh 48 Sessions! The truly are one of my favourite sessions to shoot. Why? It is hard to pinpoint exactly why but I think it is the sheer enormity of the occasion. New life has just arrived, emotions are high and family dynamics are changed forever from that day on. Everyone is getting to meet the newest additions and the siblings are having gorgeous inquisitive little peeks as to who this new member of the family is, whilst as the same time reminding everyone that they were here first. The Scott twins were so adorable and the love in the room was enormous. Once Grandma started crying, I think I had might have had something in my eye as well 😉 Hospital Fresh 48 sessions are really so special x


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