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Why does someone book in to have a photo session? It might be to capture the uniqueness of your family, to freeze your little ones as they are right now or maybe it is to stop and have a break from the chaos of everyday life and just have some time with those most important to you. You have your photo session and then a few weeks later you view your gallery and receive a USB with those beautiful images on it. Sometimes this is where it stops. It is one thing to book in a photoshoot and have your images put onto a USB.  A USB that more often than not ends up in a draw only to be pulled out years later, when you have some “spare time” to get them printed.

Imagine instead, when you get to view your gallery that you can also get your prints done at the same time. Prints in the format of frames, matted prints or fine art albums. It makes complete sense doesn’t it? You have gone to the effort of booking and having your photo shoot so why not enjoy your images now AND in the future. Not only do you get to admire how gorgeous you all are, but your friends and family who come and visit can admire your images straight away as well. Then before you know it, you look over at the wall or sit down and look through your family albums and you can see just how much your family has grown since they were taken and realise it is time to book another session.

Sweet little Phoebe had both her hospital fresh session and her newborn session recorded in a fine art album. There was no waiting for months or years to get this done, it was all finished and ready just a short time after their gallery was complete. To me this is why someone would book in to have a photo session, to just turn up, have everything ready and all the hard work is done for you so you can just sit back and enjoy for years to come x

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